Lake Selby is relatively small measuring only 0.8 KM by 2 KM. It is a shallow lake with an average depth of just over 1 metre with a 10-metre pit at its deepest point.


There are 183 homes around the lake. A few tributaries flow into the lake, the main one being the Bérard creek, which is located at the beginning of Jetté Street.  It is a headwater lake that flows into the Pike River, which in turn, flows into the Missisquoi bay.


and context

In the 1970's the lake was bordering eutrophication. Though in much better health today it is still quite fragile. It is important to note that the introduction of the sewer system in 1986-87 (and the subsequent removal of sceptic tanks) as well as certain targeted actions such as the re-vegetation of the lakeshore, the restoration of ditches, the installation of sediment sensors and soon of catchment basins are measures that greatly contribute to the sanitization of the lake. These measures were implemented thanks to collaboration from the City of Dunham as well as the APELS.


The aquatic vegetation that proliferates in the lake and the sometimes-high level of cyanobacteria (blue-algae)-forming phosphorous are a serious source of preoccupation. Our association as well as the City authorities are attentive to this situation and continue to work to improve it.



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