The APELS publishes an information bulletin, Le Héron, 3 or 4 times a year, which is distributed in mailboxes and PO boxes. We also hold a general assembly for members at the beginning of July, held in Dunham, where issues and actions are presented and discussed in order to best protect our lake's health.



The principal activities
and actions of
the association are:

to take water samples from around the lake and to send them to a specialized laboratory for water-quality analysis;


to provide information on the presence of cyanobacteria and invasive vegetation (Eurasian water-milfoil, Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, etc.);


intervene instantly with the authorities to ensure the improvement of the lake’s condition (see the excellent document attached, published by the Organization of Watershed Missisquoi Bay (OBVBM) relating to the situation «Plan de gestion écologique et économique des chemins et fossés du bassin versant du lac Selby» which was adopted by the City for 2014-2019;)


to ensure a general surveillance of the lake (La convention nautique regulates motor-boat traffic);


to act as a link between the APELS' members and the City concerning the different issues surrounding the lake, i.e. water-level, the general health of lake fauna, noise pollution or any other issue;


to distribute shrubs at the beginning to the month of May for the revegetation the lakeshore; etc.


The APELS is present at every city council meeting, held every first Tuesday of
the month.



APELS, C.P. 381, Dunham, Qc J0E1M0

Tél. : 450 295-2646